Sunday, May 22, 2011

neutralize your cut offs

You can never go wrong with neutral colors. 
not only is it cool in the hot weather but its just plain cool. 
 Eye spied this little ensemble all from Goodwill (besides shorts and shoes) This adorable camel colored swing jacket was $7.99 and was designed by Helga Berg. The shirt is officially one of my new summer favorites. not only is it cool and drafty but the neutral knitted pattern and retro buttons are too awesome and can make any outfit. the shirt reminds me of missoni. the brand is Shile and this shirt was $3.99. The clutch is full of neutral aztec designs with a bit of metallic. this is a great summer piece to add to any outfit for that extra bit. it is also a perfect size, big enough to fit a kitten. this was also found at Goodwill, the brand is Meyers and was $5.99.

once again, please excuse my bad hair day. which this is a great reminder to always check a mirror before snapping away. geez. shorts are Levi from LF and shoes are Jeffery Campbell also from LF

This picture gives you a taste of the pattern of the shirt which i believe to be the greatest part. its a unique design. also you can see my awesome lucky penny ring on my right hand pictured as the left. which i lost later that night. so upset (penny ring from LF was $6.00)

xoxo, clutchface.

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