Friday, April 29, 2011


about a year ago i discovered this amazing art. huichol yarn art. it is truly amazing. of course it's been around for centuries, but for some reason i had never seen it before. the neat thing is each one tells a different story about the earth, life, nature, ect. very interesting. i can't really tell you the meanings but i can share some that i've found

the colors are so vivid and happy. each one so different and unique. i want to start collecting them, however, they're somewhat hard to come by and quite expensive. so far im 0 for 0

gold goose

Welcome to the curtsey 
no body ever curtsey's anymore, definitely not in america. geesh
anyways bringing it back. 

eye spied this great beautiful gold wool skirt at goodwill.  the skirt was $5.99 and this one does have a tag, thankfully - MODA INT'L never heard of this brand, but it works.  i found it interesting that this skirt had only one pocket.  i think it's kinda swag? 
i got one hand in my pocket and the other one is giving a high five

i think i have lipstick on my teeth in this picture... awesome. this shirt is goodwill also, $3.99 this does have a tag in it - Diana Marco. this shirt rocks, its lace with netting almost and see through - rawrrr

this skirt rules, not the most flattering on my hump, but i make it work.
once again you know about the pour la victore shoes. loves 
& the great velvet belt.
boyfriend " kay do a serious face." this is my attempt
my only question "why so seriousssss?" which by the way still haven't seen the dark knight. don't hate.

angel #4?

Here we have a great cream jumpsuit 
charlie angel esq'?
once again eye spied this little number at goodwill. instantly fell in love. a little steep - $12.99. 
i'm a cheap shopper, however; this was worth every cent

don't get confused ya'll, it's pants

the shoes worn with this outfit are the Pour la Victoire 'Irina' Platform Pump. these shoes retail for $245. but don't be jealous i got them for 60% off (LF sale) you do the math.

This is one of my favorite necklaces, once again goodwill. 
this bad boy was $10.99. once again worth every cent, obv.

i have a fresh mani in this. lavender. love opi.
anywho, belt from goodwill also $1.99. yup
its a brownish velvet. great, rich-looking color

peppermint patty

Starting on this journey of outfits and dreaming up life 
making each day a little bit brighter with the things i wear.

 This is one of my favorite dresses. its so vibrant and the form and style is amaze.
eye spied this at goodwill. $8.99. duh.
there is actually no tag in it. soooooo - i'm assuming some cool person just sewed this fab little number so thank you, & if your reading this. make me another. please

Downtown LA 

nice little rose detail. total fan of roses; actually all flowers in general

love the shoulders. they are gathered a bit at the top so they puff up and out. 
no shoulder pads. even though i'm a total fan

alright. so shoes. are my thing

so my philosophy, as i'm sure this is many others as well
spend money on shoes and accessories. clothes occasionally
however. im just a college student living in the city on a budget - yah, its a hard knock life
these shoes are limited edition Jeffery Campbells made just for LF stores 
(LF = amazing ; i get most of my shoes from there)
retail with tax - $214 - They are worth every horse hair on them.