Monday, November 7, 2011

Photographer wanted

Currently looking for someone who wouldn't mind taking pictures... once a week for a couple of hours.I have a camera but if someone has a better one they would like to use that would be great! Would help me out a lot & if you need anything i wouldn't mind bargaining. I can't pay you but i can feed you or something. Alright
Send me a message if you are interested, thank you!!


Another Random Photoshoot

Photo's taken by Noevier

 Orange floral top - Goodwill $4.99 | Leopard Skirt - Goodwill $5.99 | Shoes - Alexander Wang

Floral dress - St. Vincent's $3.99 | Belt - Goodwill $2.99 | Shoes - Jeffery Campbell

 Striped top - Goodwill $3.99 | Red pants - Goodwill $6.99 | Shoes - Miu Miu 

 Khaki Skirt - Goodwill $5.99 | Grey Tank - Fluxus | 
Necklace - Salvation Army $5.99 | Shoes Jeffery Campbell for LF 

Tank - American Apparel | Pink pants - Goodwill $5.99 | 
Belt - Salvation Army $3.99 | Shoes - Steve Madden)

getting back in the game

Random Photoshoot

Friend Noevier Photography took these photos. He's very talented! Thanks again Noe!

Top - Goodwill (actually a pj top, shhh) $3.99 | 
Skirt - Goodwill $5.99 | Shoes - Jeffery Campbell LF


Top - American Apparel -it twas a gift | Vintage lace bra |
Red Stripe Skirt - Goodwill $5.99 | Shoes- Jeffery Campbell

Top - Goodwill $4.99 | Skirt - Goodwill $5.99 - Shoes - ASH 

Jacket - Goodwill $7.99 (worn as a dress) | 
Belt - Goodwill $3.99 | Shoes - Seychelles -LF

Floral Top - Goodwill $4.99 | Suede Skirt - Goodwill $5.99 | 
Grey Lace Booties - Sam Edelman LF

Sunday, July 10, 2011

its been too long

Wow so sorry i haven't blogged in a while. officially moved into my new place its awesome and perfect and everything ive ever wanted... well for the most part.

anyways, here is a little sneak peek at the up coming days...

more to comeeeeeee!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

color crazy

This is probably one of my favorite blouses and one of my favorite skirts, so i figured, why not just put them together. Eye spied this blouse at a Salvation Army in Bakersfield it was $4.99. the skirt was found at a Goodwill in Bakersfield also. it was $5.99

its that time of the month again... where i wanna pull out my hair and scream. you know, sometimes stress and all lifes wonders get the best of us. 

(bag: Givenchy)
but at the end of the day still remember to smile and shut your eyes. you know like get some sleep. smile in your sleep? i don't know, im tired, just go with me.

and what better shoes to add to such an awful day then the most colorful happiest shoes of them all. Jeffery Campbell's little wonders. even though these shoes are my favorite, i still haven't worn them as much as i would like. i really just like staring at them. 

all men hate these shoes, and all women appreciate them. 
& i love them

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

its the country in me

So this is newly one of my favorite outfits that i've put together. this dress is incredible, it reminds me of Chloe'. Eye Spied this dress at some random little vintage sale in downtown LA in a mini warehouse. My mother came down for it, she was the one who told me about it. Anywho, i fell in love with one of the vendors, first of all his prices were PERFECT, better than goodwill prices and second he was 16 and boy did he have an eye for some amazing pieces, that i was so pumped about.
this dress happened to be one of them. it was below the knee when i bought it, but to make it a little younger i raised it a few inches. Anyways the dress was $5.00, i know... can you believe it?! the brand is Monica Richards.

to make the dress a little more casual i put my version of the perfect jean vest with it. Eye Spied this vest at a Goodwill back home in Bakersfield i believe, it was $4.99. and of course shoes by Jeffery Campbell, my soul mate

Red nails are a classic. they will never go out of style. (right hand; David Yurman & some other adorable brand. left hand; my grandmothers ruby & a twist tie ring from my boyfriend) bracelets thick red blue and yellow weaved braclet from Goodwill $1.50, blue turkish eye bracelet from LF and 3rd Don Lucas as a gift.

as part of my 21st birthday i was gifted with that beautiful Givenchy shoulder bag. Thank you mother. i am pretty excited about; it is helping me learn that i only need the necessities sense it is much smaller than my last bag.

getting started

The Apartment Edition 
Eye Spied this fantastic cozy orange corduroy chair from Goodwill, it was $14.99. as soon as i saw it, i knew it had to be mine, it rode around with me in my car for about 3 weeks or so. we are pretttty aquatinted now, yah we bonded. so of course it had to be my first piece of furniture in the new digs. 

this closet is somewhat of a good size... don't let the picture fool you. it is much bigger. however, i am positive my wardrobe simply will not fit still. so i will have to bring in rolling racks. yet these are a few pieces of my summer wardrobe that have been in hiding and i just now busted out! 

it made me excited for summer!
there will be more progress in the weeks to come. stay tuned!

successful 21st

my beautiful friends
my old hollywood themed birthday was a perfect evening!
the champagne was flowing and every one was wearing their dancing shoes.
huge thanks to my beautiful parents who made everything possible & of course the 2 brothas.
& of course all the people who came far and wide just to be there. it was fantastic!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


a little music to wonder through my blog 

mixing prints

You can never go wrong with Black and White.

Eye Spied this rockin shirt and flowy jacket at Goodwill. This shirt was $3.99 its brand is Norton McNaughton. this shirt is the perfect stripe shirt. the stripes are not too big and not too little which gives it just the right amount of texture. the jacket is one of my favorites. so easy to dress up or dress down it was $6.99 and the brand is Extreme.

clearly my hair has calmed down by now.

Giving you a close up shot of the two patterns. one is simple and the other is busy but all together it works.

once again showing off my favorite shoes. Props to ma boy Jeffery Campbell
From Lf

neutralize your cut offs

You can never go wrong with neutral colors. 
not only is it cool in the hot weather but its just plain cool. 
 Eye spied this little ensemble all from Goodwill (besides shorts and shoes) This adorable camel colored swing jacket was $7.99 and was designed by Helga Berg. The shirt is officially one of my new summer favorites. not only is it cool and drafty but the neutral knitted pattern and retro buttons are too awesome and can make any outfit. the shirt reminds me of missoni. the brand is Shile and this shirt was $3.99. The clutch is full of neutral aztec designs with a bit of metallic. this is a great summer piece to add to any outfit for that extra bit. it is also a perfect size, big enough to fit a kitten. this was also found at Goodwill, the brand is Meyers and was $5.99.

once again, please excuse my bad hair day. which this is a great reminder to always check a mirror before snapping away. geez. shorts are Levi from LF and shoes are Jeffery Campbell also from LF

This picture gives you a taste of the pattern of the shirt which i believe to be the greatest part. its a unique design. also you can see my awesome lucky penny ring on my right hand pictured as the left. which i lost later that night. so upset (penny ring from LF was $6.00)

xoxo, clutchface.

dress up your cut offs

I always like to keep a little bit of Bakersfield in my wardrobe, what better way then a pair of nice cut off shorts. Where i am from 'Bakersfield' cut off shorts are a necessity, not only because it gets up to 110 degrees during summer but also because it pisses off my old fashioned conservative 91 year old grandma and i love it.

so clearly, i was having a bad hair day. eye spied this amazing blood red blazer at a Goodwill in costa mesa. The brand is Premier Collection and it was $14.99. the shirt was found at RADS a thrift store in Bakersfield. The brand is JW Jeans Wear and it was $3.99. the Brio clutch was also found at RADS and was $1.99. that clutch is one of my favorites, its a great nude for summer and is easy to dress up or down. & of course my shoes. jeffery campbell. my love.

 As you can see by my orange nails i am feeling quite summery. this shirt is one of my favorites and i think its great for this season with its aztec print. the colors are cooler tones; adding the blue makes the pattern really pop.

adding the red blazer really completes the color pattern and the outfit. the dark lipstick also ads a sense of drama to the outfit making it an easy summer night outfit.

yah know?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ready for summer?

Have you gotten your perfect pair of summer cut offs?
Where to look? its always great if you go to a local thrift store in your area. Either find a old pair of women's or mens jeans, try them on see if they fit. If they do fit, purchase, take home and cut into shorts. Giving them a distressed look is quite easy, a razor, sandpaper, scissors or a cheese grater are great devices to give your denim that distressed look. It may take a while to give them that perfect distressed look, however, be patient and don't chop or grate your fingers off.

This is a pair of Levi's that i actually bought distressed like this from LF

These shorts are great for dressing up, with a pair of heels or wedges and a classic blazer. Or you can dress them down and wear them with a festive blouse and a pair of chic flats. they go with anything anytime.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday party

9 days

until my birthday, May 26th.

this isn't just any birthday though. it is my 21st. i am beyond excited and can not wait to spend it with all the people who i love dearly and have made me who i am today. i am having a party at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. it is going to be one of the best memories of my life. i already know it.

pool area

i've made a birthday list. yes i know its not very extravagant. well i guess a little. there are only 3 gifts that i would really want on my birthday. if i only receive the first item, i will be the happiest girl in the world.
item #1
peonies, roses, mixed flowers, i adore. 
flowers truly brighten my day beyond belief.

item #2
how could i celebrate my 21st birthday without Veuve Clicquot. i mean it is my favorite. originally i asked my brother for the magnum and said that that is all i plan on drinking for my whole birthday. you know pop a crazy straw in it and im set. 

item #3

 jo malone. please and thank you. so the smaller bottles are about the same price as a bottle of veuve. so either way. you cannot go wrong. i love all of the scents. i want to live in these perfume bottles.