Sunday, May 22, 2011

dress up your cut offs

I always like to keep a little bit of Bakersfield in my wardrobe, what better way then a pair of nice cut off shorts. Where i am from 'Bakersfield' cut off shorts are a necessity, not only because it gets up to 110 degrees during summer but also because it pisses off my old fashioned conservative 91 year old grandma and i love it.

so clearly, i was having a bad hair day. eye spied this amazing blood red blazer at a Goodwill in costa mesa. The brand is Premier Collection and it was $14.99. the shirt was found at RADS a thrift store in Bakersfield. The brand is JW Jeans Wear and it was $3.99. the Brio clutch was also found at RADS and was $1.99. that clutch is one of my favorites, its a great nude for summer and is easy to dress up or down. & of course my shoes. jeffery campbell. my love.

 As you can see by my orange nails i am feeling quite summery. this shirt is one of my favorites and i think its great for this season with its aztec print. the colors are cooler tones; adding the blue makes the pattern really pop.

adding the red blazer really completes the color pattern and the outfit. the dark lipstick also ads a sense of drama to the outfit making it an easy summer night outfit.

yah know?


  1. You should have left Grandma out of it........Besides that, GOOD JOB!!!

  2. Mallory, you are a super star and "BRILLIANT" in every sense of the word! I SOOOOOOOOOO enjoy all of your posts and creativity...what a doll! I love ya! ;)