Thursday, June 2, 2011

color crazy

This is probably one of my favorite blouses and one of my favorite skirts, so i figured, why not just put them together. Eye spied this blouse at a Salvation Army in Bakersfield it was $4.99. the skirt was found at a Goodwill in Bakersfield also. it was $5.99

its that time of the month again... where i wanna pull out my hair and scream. you know, sometimes stress and all lifes wonders get the best of us. 

(bag: Givenchy)
but at the end of the day still remember to smile and shut your eyes. you know like get some sleep. smile in your sleep? i don't know, im tired, just go with me.

and what better shoes to add to such an awful day then the most colorful happiest shoes of them all. Jeffery Campbell's little wonders. even though these shoes are my favorite, i still haven't worn them as much as i would like. i really just like staring at them. 

all men hate these shoes, and all women appreciate them. 
& i love them