Friday, April 29, 2011

gold goose

Welcome to the curtsey 
no body ever curtsey's anymore, definitely not in america. geesh
anyways bringing it back. 

eye spied this great beautiful gold wool skirt at goodwill.  the skirt was $5.99 and this one does have a tag, thankfully - MODA INT'L never heard of this brand, but it works.  i found it interesting that this skirt had only one pocket.  i think it's kinda swag? 
i got one hand in my pocket and the other one is giving a high five

i think i have lipstick on my teeth in this picture... awesome. this shirt is goodwill also, $3.99 this does have a tag in it - Diana Marco. this shirt rocks, its lace with netting almost and see through - rawrrr

this skirt rules, not the most flattering on my hump, but i make it work.
once again you know about the pour la victore shoes. loves 
& the great velvet belt.
boyfriend " kay do a serious face." this is my attempt
my only question "why so seriousssss?" which by the way still haven't seen the dark knight. don't hate.

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  1. this is the cutest outfit ever!!!! You sure have a knack and a great Goodwill! Keep it up, love your Blog!
    Bfield friend,
    Denise C.