Friday, April 29, 2011

peppermint patty

Starting on this journey of outfits and dreaming up life 
making each day a little bit brighter with the things i wear.

 This is one of my favorite dresses. its so vibrant and the form and style is amaze.
eye spied this at goodwill. $8.99. duh.
there is actually no tag in it. soooooo - i'm assuming some cool person just sewed this fab little number so thank you, & if your reading this. make me another. please

Downtown LA 

nice little rose detail. total fan of roses; actually all flowers in general

love the shoulders. they are gathered a bit at the top so they puff up and out. 
no shoulder pads. even though i'm a total fan

alright. so shoes. are my thing

so my philosophy, as i'm sure this is many others as well
spend money on shoes and accessories. clothes occasionally
however. im just a college student living in the city on a budget - yah, its a hard knock life
these shoes are limited edition Jeffery Campbells made just for LF stores 
(LF = amazing ; i get most of my shoes from there)
retail with tax - $214 - They are worth every horse hair on them.

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